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Is Anybody Out There?

I live in Fairoaks Mobile Home Lodge in Sunnyvale, CA. There are 102 Lots in our park. We walked through the park we noticed there are 10 vacant and abandoned lots. As we started talking to everyone we met 12 renting from the Property Owner. We met some families that are faced with many life threatening situations. There isn’t any Rent Control in Sunnyvale, some told me that if the property owner raises their rent one more time they will have to find a more affordable place to live. Others owe a mortgage and live on fixed income and would not only have to pay their mortgage, but on top of that their Space Lot rent. Some families did not have a mortgage, but living on fixed income it is still hard for their family to pay bills. This really confused me, because at the city council meeting they said mobile home living is affordable housing and this was showing not to be the case.